Current Game


The continent of Elibe…

A land that was once prosperous and peaceful.

However, an event a couple hundred years ago changed everything.

A strange being came to Elibe, attracted by the prosperity of the land.
It began to feed off the people’s happiness. The people of Elibe began to
fear this being, some even resorted to worshiping it.

They dubbed their new deity…



Vortex Gear is a turn-based RPG based on the classic JRPGs of the 16-bit era created in RPG Maker VX Ace.

Vortex Gear focuses on the story of a young apprentice, Rhett, aiming for the companionship of the most powerful sages in Elibe, however he’s stopped at every turn by friends, foes, dead siblings, and even the gods themselves. You play while Rhett is thrown into a massive chain of events surrounding the mysteries of the world and the corruption of its leaders. Rhett must overcome these challenges and do the right thing, but what is the right thing to do? That’s for you to decide in Vortex Gear, the turn-based RPG.



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