About Me


Welcome to my indie development blog! Thank you so much for visiting, it means a lot to me.

Personal Life:

I’m a poor, jobless college student who has a passion for video games, namely, RPGs. I’ve been a huge fan of the genre since my grannie gave me and my brother the good ol’ GameBoy Colors with Pokemon Yellow for Christmas in 1999. I instantly fell in love with video games before I could even read, (I just turned 6 years old at the time, so shush.)  Most of my favorite RPGs are from when I was a kid, the GameBoy Advance still holds many classics, like the two Golden Suns, the Fire Emblems, Pokemon, the Legend of Zeldas, and many others. My inspirations come from those childhood games.

Dev Life:

As a hobbyist game developer, I strive to make the games that I once loved when I was a kid, but add some adult flair that those games seemed to have lacked. I make, my favorite genre, RPGs with RPG Maker VX: Ace. I’ve had years of experience with the RPG Maker series ever since my mum randomly gave me RPG Maker 3 for the PS2 one day. I learned how to use RPG Maker XP, then moved onto VX, and after VX: Ace released, I’ve been using that since. I, however, lack any artistic abilities… It really limits what I can really achieve by not being able to draw what I need. I’m learning pixel art slowly, reading tutorials, doodling, and so forth. But I strive in the ability to design a good game. My games, or the demos of unfinished works, have all received praise for being fun and enjoyable. That’s what I believe to be the heart of a video game, if it’s fun, it’s a good game.



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