Weekly Update #5

Oh man, I can’t believe it’s been a little more than 2 weeks since I last posted an update! Wow, I’ve been slackin’…


So over these 2 weeks, my life has been, well…. busy, and my time for developing my game has been short. Looking on the bright side, starting the week after next is the beginning of spring break, so a week at home will leave plenty of time to work on my game. (My break just so happens to be a full 2 weeks before by buds’ breaks, so I’ll be home alone with nothing to do. Perfect setting for game dev, right?) But I digress, you’re here for the game, not my life, thus I’m here to share with you 2 weeks worth of slow progress!

I’ve been mainly focusing on the internal segments of the game, renaming map names, re-balancing combat and gold, editing some of the menu, adding more items and equipment, fixing minor errors, changing some spelling mistakes, and making the weather effects cleaner. Last time I showed off the beginning of the forest themed locations, but I didn’t delve too deep into that area. The idea for the forested locations is to promote exploration, because well, forests are cool to get lost in, right? Well, duh. I’ve got a few more screenshots to show of the forests, AND the new village as well. Take a look!Ss35 Ss34 Ss36

I’ve also begun work on the 3rd dungeon. It’s a mine themed dungeon, no, not the cliche with the abandoned mines and the like, but and actual mine that just so happened  to collapse right as you arrive! So your mission is to rescue the miners that are still trapped inside! Oh, and you’ll discover a secret and the like! After completing the dungeon, the mayor will grant you a very special gift! Access to the Quest Board! You will be able to accept, complete, and keep track of your sidequests! From this point on, EXP, Gold, and items, will be more and more scarce, so it’ll benefit you, the player, to complete as many sidequests as you can! Oh, and you’ll learn a ton of lore too, so that’s a plus.

But let me be honest with you all, creating and balancing sidequests along with the main quest will be quite the feat. The main quest is proving a difficult task alone, but with the addition of sidequests, progress will slow greatly. As a dev, I want to create the best game I can make, but at the same time, I want to just plain finish a game, where the more shiny things I add, the better the game, but the harder it is to complete it. This project has turned into a very ambitious project that will take months to complete, but it’s going to get done. Maybe split into 3 parts, maybe after 10 months, and maybe by sheer determination alone, but it will be the best game I can make. Sigh, I wish game developing was easier…

Oh and here’s some shots of the 3rd dungeon! It’s a mine in a mountain that’s been said to be hiding a dark secret, and the miners just found out what that secret was.

Ss31 Ss32 Ss33

Stay tuned next week and I’ll show off the boss of this dungeon! Yes, it’s still not finished yet, it happens to be one of the biggest dungeons in the game, as well as have the most events as well, quite the complicated dungeon. You’ll be visiting this dungeon a couple times in some sidequests as well, hence the sheer size of it, hope you guys like it!


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4 responses to “Weekly Update #5”

  1. NE1 says :

    Nice update! Remember that the best possible game is the completed game.

    I don’t know your process so take the following with a grain of salt but It might be in you best interest to get a temp version of the main quest in. Think super simple, it can even have the player interact with a person or object to “complete” a planned dungeon. What this does is allow you to get a feel for what the game is like beginning to end and to start working iteratively on a game that you can “play” through from beginning to end.

    Either way, good luck. 🙂

  2. DilutedJuice says :

    Love the style of your game, it mixes the colours of braid with the ambience of limbo, really great! Keep up the good work!

  3. The Lotus War says :

    Looks really cool! We’ve been working on a game too. Inspirational to see the progress others are making!

    Definitely agree that balancing side-quests with the main quest can be challenging. Don’t want TOO many fillers, but want enough to flesh out the game and buffer your exp.

  4. The Lotus War says :

    By the way, sheer luck that my husband’s got the computer/game development side down and I have the drawing. It must be tough to work alone!

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