Weekly Update #4

Hey hey!

Few! What a week! What with terrible 200b/s internet speeds, seemingly endless exams, and college basketball, I’m surprised I even got stuff done this week!

Here’s just a quick summary of what I got done:

I rebalanced most of the drops from the encounters. During my couple playthroughs, I always ended up with all the items I needed, everytime. Sure, that would be great, right? Well, not really, I want the player to either get lucky and come across that awesome necklace that doubles the drop rate of all items, but I don’t want that player to ALWAYS get it, ya know? Out of ~20 players, I want maybe 2 to actually get that item, and for those that desire it, but haven’t gotten it on the first try? I want them to go hunting for it! It’ll pay off, I swear! I also dropped the amount of Gold encounters drop as well as increasing the prices of certain equipment. During my playthroughs I never once had a strained wallet. I always had plenty after each time I went shopping. Surely that must be a good thing, right? NOPE! I want the player to be able to afford said stuff, however, I want the player to be forced to choose between 10 potions or that headgear, ya know? That headgear COULD potentially save you from using a couple potions here or there, but those 10 potions will keep you alive for quite some time, choices people, choices.

Here’s just a few screenshots for this week!

Ss26 Ss25 Ss29 Ss28 Ss27

Thanks for checking me out! Come back next week for another update on Vortex Gear! Hopefully next time will cover more content!


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