Mid-week Screenshot Splurge #1

I strangely feel that doing updates only once a week is a little… inhibiting. The progress I’m making surprises even myself lately, and I REALLY want to show off all the cool new things about my game. And, yeah, also reveal the title as well! (If it wasn’t already obvious… ) So, I’m just going to spill out a few screenshots. Next Sunday/Monday I’ll do a written update explaining what I’ve done, and how I did it, but for this, all you’ll be getting are a bunch of screenshots


Ss06 Ss07 Ss08 Ss09 Ss10 Ss11


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7 responses to “Mid-week Screenshot Splurge #1”

  1. pangeranwiguan says :

    Wow, looks nice and beautiful.

    What’s the story line all about?

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